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West Indian Sea Island Cotton


Among Extra Long Staple cotton, the rarity of 0.01%

It grows only in one place on the earth, the natural environment of the Caribbean
A gift from God.

Sea island cotton, which is regarded as the world's finest cotton, is a Extra Long Staple cotton that miraculously grows only in a limited region of three countries in the Caribbean region. The average annual temperature falls between 26 to 28 degrees Celsius and the daily fluctuation is low. The total annual rainfall is 1,100mm to 1,200 mm, the total annual sunshine time is 3,000 hours or more weather conditions and the germination growth period of cotton tree falls in rainy season, the flowering season in the dry season. In addition, it is a climate where excellent cotton of uniform and low knots grows in alkaline soil of good drainage.
Generally, Extra long staple cotton, which is said to be high-grade cotton, accounts for only 1.7% of total cotton, but Sea Island cotton even consist merely 0.01% of the total Extra long staple cotton. Its production is only a few hundred-thousandths of cotton in total. In the future, even if the technological innovation of agriculture advances, the yield may not increase dramatically because it can be harvested only by hand-picking due to the characteristics of cotton. It is a gift from God that was allowed to grow only in the Caribbean.

500 years of history

Treasures loved by the royalty and the aristocracy of the British and had long been unique and secret.

he West Indies, which had been Spanish territory for about 100 years since Columbus discovered the Bahamas islands in 1492, became British territory at the end of the 16th century, and the cultivation of Sea Island cotton became popular. In the 18th century, it is said that more than 60% of raw cotton imported to the UK came from the West Indies.
Because of its wonderful texture and rarity, Sea Island cotton has been monopolized by the UK for 200 years. Sea Island cotton, which has come to be stared at by people all over the world with envy, comes to be called a phantom cotton that cannot be obtained. On the other hand, it became a custom in the British royal family to use Sea Island cotton for any cotton products, and Sea Island cotton has established itself as the world's finest cotton recognized by the chosen.
In 1932, under the guidance of the British Ministry of Agriculture, the West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association was established, and it was strictly controlled from planting to cultivation, harvesting, and shipping, and the spinning was limited to three companies in the UK, and a thorough management system was carried out. In 1975, the Japan Branch of the West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association was established, and the world's highest quality is still being spun under thorough quality control.

Sea Island Cotton Quality data

World's finest quality brought by living natural materials

When cotton feels a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the fiber, it absorbs the inside moisture and spreads it to the outside. In the summer, sweat/water on the surface of skin is once absorbed to the inside, but since the temperature of the outside air and the epidermis is higher than the inside, divergence begins and the heat of vaporization is taken away at the time of divergence, so it feels cool and refreshing. It also has excellent breathability.

On the other hand, for winter, the fiber core is hollow and the heat conduction is low, so even if the outside temperature is low, the internal heat is difficult to be released therefore resulting in heat retention, and so is the appropriate humidity. It is said that extra long-staple cotton especially maximizes these characteristics of cotton, but its quality varies depending on the cultivation area and weather conditions, and among them, the high quality of sea-island cotton is proven by data.

The Caribbean region is the best area for cultivation
The reason why excellent cotton grows

Average annual temperature 26 to 28 degrees Celsius Less temperature difference between day and night Total annual rainfall 1,100 to 1,200 mm Total hours of sunshine per year 3,000 hours or more Alkaline soil with good water draining The germination growth season is the rainy season, and the weather cycle of the dry season at the time of flowering

Cotton, as a plant, changes the quality of cotton due to climate fluctuations and does not always show uniform data. However, in order to achieve high quality as a product, it is important the uniformity of the data and the balance of each evaluation item. Sea Island cotton has the highest rating for each item and shows the most comprehensively balanced data.

The highest quality cotton with excellent specifications.
A miraculous quality that balances various features in a high dimension.


The long fiber makes it possible to twist with a small number when processing into yarn, so it is finished in a product with a soft texture, and it becomes a smooth fabric. Because of the length of this fiber length, Sea Island cotton is described having "silky luster and cashmere skin touch".


The fineness of the fibers directly affects the fineness of the yarn along with the fiber length. When considering a thread of a certain thickness, cross-sectional area can hold more fiber if you use finer cotton, making it a yarn with more strength.


If there are many natural twists of each cotton fiber, it is easy to spun, and thin yarn (high-grade count) can be spun. In addition, because there are many twists per inch, it feels plump and soft, and because the cellulose surrounding the hollow part of the fiber is thick, it is heat-retaining in winter, moisture absorption and divergence are increased in summer, gives cooling effect.

Oil content

The less unevenness or fluff of the surface of the fiber, the more likely to reflect light, and the greater the reflectivity means, from the human eye, the stronger the glossiness. In addition, Sea Island cotton has high oil content, so a unique feeling of touch makes it comfortable to wear.


In general, the strength per fiber weakens as the fiber becomes thinner. Sea island cotton has long fibers and thin, but it also has the strength to be classified as "strong" by normal cotton standards. Its strength is proven by the fact that it was once used as a parachute material.


The high reflectivity of the fiber itself creates a natural, beautiful and elegant luster.