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V-135 Sea Island Cotton

Treasure of the earth

The touch is truly "the treasure of the earth."

What "Legendary Cotton" brings - it's nothing more than texture called miracle. The ultimate quality that surpasses everything as the top-level variety of Sea Island Cotton, which is extremely fine and has a fiber length of 1.5 times that of general cotton. The yarn that is spun gives off a silky luster and melts on the skin smoothly while having the unique airy touch of cotton. V-135 is a white fairy that blooms at the top of Sea Island Cotton, which fascinates the world.

Projecting Quality

A variety of pre-eminent quality among Sea Island cotton [V-135]

The supreme touch, the beauty full of elegance. V-135 is a visionary variety that boasts outstanding quality among the ultra-luxury cotton "Sea Island Cotton" which has an anecdote that it traded at a high price several hundred times the price of U.S. cotton at that time in the 18th century. It has been half a century since the cotton, which reigned as a status of the British royal family and the aristocracy, disappeared due to the difficulty of cultivation. However, the desire of enthusiasts and experts who wish to dream again has come to fruition here. The passion that was secretly handed down to the seeds finally accomplished a miracle that was said to be impossible.

The stage of the revival is Belize, which faces the Caribbean Sea and is surrounded by rich nature. Although belonging to the tropics, it is surrounded by a trade winds, and the temperature and humidity suitable for cotton cultivation, and the favorable condition that it is blessed with dry season in the flowering time. Even so, the cultivation of the V-135 is difficult, and it is grown under strict control based on modern cultivation techniques, and each one is carefully hand-picked. "Treasures of the Earth" was chosen by God and nurtured in the land. Its existence is dazzling, gentle whiteness, and it shines lovingly.